With Pearls

2023-ongoing, digital photographs, dimensions variable

This is one in a series of projects exploring the chance interactions of light, movement, and time using contemporary commercial materials. Rooted in the theory of photography as a technology for recording light, I’ve drawn inspiration from Marey's chronophotography, Bellmer’s dolls, Samaras' polaroids, and Sherman’s ‘sex pictures’. Additionally influenced by fashion editorial aesthetics, I merge historically-significant elements of visual culture, in this case pearls, alongside my own body to produce vibrant compositions which intentionally probe gaps between seeing and understanding. 

In my photos I distort familiar depictions of female nudity, challenging paradoxes governing image production and gender performance. This project was created as a dialogue between the history of experimental photography and contemporary life, mirroring the vast transformations of our technology and society. I aim to push the boundaries of photography as a technology for ‘drawing with light’ by synthesizing diverse influences and developing new photographic procedures for the digital age.

My interest in technology's relationship to photography extends beyond the purely visual, probing how art reinforces power structures and shapes visual history. Using this project to interrogate artistic traditions and confront preconceptions, I hope to offer reimagined futures through a feminist lens. My artistic practice emphasizes a continuous reassessment of technologies and cultural norms operating in our world, working to expand capacities for human expression.