Mesopic Vision

2022-ongoing, digital photos, dimensions variable

This photo series delves into the impact of mesopic vision, a unique lighting condition often associated with twilight or low-light scenarios, which unveils a rich and diverse color palette that is ripe for exploration. In the midst of our 24/7 urban environments, where artificial lighting dominates the night, I challenge viewers to reassess their perceptions of color and form. By intentionally capturing scenes at transitory times, the project aims to create a visual dialogue about the transformative nature of contemporary lighting conditions. The series unfolds against the backdrop of urban spaces, where the interplay between light and shadow takes center stage, offering a unique visual experience that is both immersive and thought-provoking.

Inspired by Jonathan Crary's exploration of electronic light's impact on the emergence of 24/7 capitalism, these photos seek to highlight the profound influence of lighting on our visual culture. Crary's insights serve as a foundation for this project, sparking an exploration of the nuanced relationships between light, perception, and the relentless inundation of media in our modern lives. The series aims to capture the unique visual possibilities afforded by contemporary conditions, creating a visually stimulating narrative that transcends conventional boundaries and challenges preconceived notions of visual reality. I invite viewers to see the cityscape in a new light, one that questions the boundaries of reality and illusion.