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Hanna Claire Wentz (b. 1997, Minot, ND) is an artist and activist currently living and working in NYC. In 2019 she received her B.A. from Barnard College, Columbia University with a double major in Chemistry and Art History. Her work observes the developmental journeys of adolescence and early adulthood, exploring the complex intersections of identity and mental health. Wentz’s work is characterized by bold use of color, movement and manual special effects. Wentz weaves together influences from fashion, internet culture and music to capture the zeitgeist of today’s American youths. In 2019, she won a prize from Getty Images in partnership with Adolescent Content for her series, Fly Over Country, examining the shifting views of masculinity in the Midwest. Wentz is also dedicated to the advancement of women in the arts. She is a founding member of the advocacy movement and content platform Invest In Her Art, established in 2020. Wentz has an upcoming exhibition with her friend and collaborator, Gabrielle Capes, at Seventh Gallery in Richmond, Australia.

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