Camera Roll 

2023, single-channel video with sound

This video project serves as an immersive exploration into the act of mindless scrolling in the digital age. Through the intricate layering of multiple recordings, the imagery comes from projections sourced from my camera roll, transversing the realm of digital interfaces that shape and define our contemporary existence. The video probes the nuances of identity construction through the lens of our virtual photo archives, stored in the ephemeral cloud space, challenging the notion of permanence in the digital realm. As the video unfolds, it captures the collapse of time and space within our digital realities, emphasizing the easily accessible nature of our camera roll that facilitates both nostalgia and the creation of a fantastical past. Resembling a sunset screensaver, the visual aesthetics symbolize the amalgamation of all digital media, highlighting how our identities are not only rooted in our physical selves but also intricately woven into the narratives we invent in the digital landscape.