Info Wars

2023, single-channel video with sound

In this video project, I delve into the intricate web of cognitive dissonance that characterizes our existence in the era of global social media. As we witness conflicts and wars unfold on our screens, a paradox emerges – the powerlessness to halt these events despite our digital proximity. The ability to disconnect at will contrasts starkly with the enduring struggles of those directly affected. Amidst this paradox, social media platforms host content that often glorifies overconsumption and perpetuates individualist capitalist ideologies, further deepening the dissonance between the digital realm and reality.

Layering audio sourced from TikTok, alongside my own voice and recordings, the video seeks to create a cacophony of sounds mirroring the overwhelming experience of mindless social media scrolling. Embracing principles derived from glitch art, this project serves as an experimental exploration of freely available video-editing technologies. By challenging and subverting their conventional purposes and intentions, "Info Wars" aims to disrupt the seamless flow of content consumption, prompting viewers to confront the contradictions inherent in our online experiences. Through this multi-sensory endeavor, the project invites reflection on the dissonance we navigate daily, provoking contemplation on the impact of social media on our collective consciousness.